The Quit India Movement and RSS Betrayal

Today,August 8, 2017,the 75th anniversary of the Quit India Movement [QIM], also known as ‘August Kranti'(August Revolution). QIM was a nation-wide Civil Disobedience Movement called on August 7, 1942 by the Bombay session of the All-India Congress Committee. It began on August 8, with The famous slogan ‘to Do or Die‘ by Gandhi in his Quit India speech delivered in Mumbai at the Gowalia Tank Maidan.

Modi(The wide chested PM lacking spine), in his speech today criticized the Communist party for opposing QIM, while being aloof towards his own party’s contribution.

It’s ironical that the nationalist gang (RSS) of today not only opposed Quit India Movement but also provided multi-faceted and multi-dimensional support to the British rulers in suppressing this historic mass upsurge. The RSS icon Savarkar (“veer” savarkar ironically), joined hands with the British Betraying the movement. The British swiftly responded with mass detentions. Hundreds of civilians were killed in violence many shot by the British army. Over 100,000 arrests and, mass fines were made. Many national leaders went underground and continued their struggle. 

Historically documented facts make it clear that Hindutva gang led by RSS not only betrayed QIM but also rendered great service to the British masters.Shockingly, this gang is ruling India today describing itself as a symbol of Indian nationalism. Traitors ought to be exposed and charged for crimes !


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‘Smiling Buddha’-India as a Nuclear Power!

Today 18th May, remembering the first successful nuclear explosion done by our scientists, under the able and brave leadership of Modern Durga of nation, Indira ji, in 1974.  

In spite of opposition from USA and other powerful European countries, India became a nuclear power on 18th May, 1974. Sanctions were imposed against our nation, as a punishment.

 Salute to the most charismatic PM ever! You don’t have to have a 56 inch chest size to have courage!

America is nailing it: ‘the good old days’ of ultra-conservative, rightists are back!

With no exception for rape or incest, and a clause that allows a woman’s spouse or parent to sue an abortion provider, the law potentially allows the fetus’s father to sue even in cases of spousal rape or incest, abortion rights activists say.”

” Women are literal broodmares OWNED by men.”- the wet dream of the Republican Party. This is it ladies! The rise of RIGHT WING (all over the world)!

Let’s reverse the logic and see if they’d still support it: Can the Dad force a woman to have an abortion? No? Well, why not?

Why can’t a potentially abusive, rapist, predator veto a victim’s choice to end an unwanted pregnancy ? America is nailing it don’t you think?!

Can’t you see it? Men are gaining rights over abortion while women are losing them! Indeed ‘MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN’!!

Dialogues Again & Again & Again…


When a Government decision is glorified by corporate owners and big business men, but not by the poor farmers , daily wage workers or retailers, that marks it’s failure! Let no people of any other country ever have the misfortune of standing in the Queue to prove his/her nationalism.Of all those people died so far, how many of them had black money, Swiss bank accounts, 500 crore weddings, were named in Panama papers, or had their multi-thousand crore loans written off?

From surgical strikes to currency demonetization, everything is descending from the grace of Narendra Modi. The fact that every such action has been done in the past does not cut any ice with them. Take the case of currency demonetization. High value Indian currency has been demonetized twice before, once in 1947-48 and in 1978. While the former doesn’t count for this purpose, the latter was done with the specific objective of curbing `black’ money; but it failed. Many subsequent attempts to do so through various other means also failed, or had only a passing effect. Why would demonetization succeed now? For the believers the answer is simple: because Modi says so. Unbelievable logic!

One of the messages I received on facebook says, “think beyond your community to support the move and to become a nationalist”.Criticizing Modi for his personality or policies is almost equated to being part of a Pakistan sponsored conspiracy against the nation. Well in my case, my nationalism and commitment to my country had started the day I was born on the land. I didn’t wait till some ‘communal’ leader could come to power and then to turn myself into that ‘ultra nationalist’ who vomits out nationalism everywhere possible for no reason!

The organization which once referred to our national flag as:” three piece of clothes stapled together”, which offended our national anthem and it’s author by saying, “The British stooge Tagore and his anthem”, which proclaimed that “manusmriti is better than Indian Constitution”, is now busy issuing certificates of nationalism among people. They say “Vande Mataram” is our national anthem, “Bharat mata ki jai” is the solution to everything. And if their supreme leader could use his 95yr old mata so cynically for his political gains; he can do the same to ‘bharat mata’ to serve the same ends. “When the going gets tough……the tough calls mommy! Even if mommy is 95 yrs old, has many sons who cd stand in Q instead!” (via fb).


As for me, I’m still waiting for Modi to bring back all the `black’ money parked in Swiss bank accounts and deposit 15 lakhs into my account. I’ll of course pay 33 percent tax on it, for I am honest too, but not brain-washed, or brain-dead. Fortunately!

Army Veteran’s Suicide

They fight for us,they protect us,they are the ones who leave everything they own for us, they are our fathers, brothers and sons on boots. Now that we have a voice that’s loud and clear, but what are we without them?

Ram Kishan Grewal, a serviceman committed suicide at the Jantar Mantar yesterday. Grewal on his note claims that he committed suicide as “the government has failed to fulfill our demands related to OROP (One Rank One Pension)”. Grewal had protested and written to the defense minister Manohar Parrikar over the non-implementation of OROP. In return, the defense minister calls him “ill-minded”. How shameless!

Congress Vice-President Rahul Gandhi, Delhi CM Aravind Kejriwal and some other politicians were retained by the Delhi police from visiting him. No media was allowed inside the hospital where he was at. A video’s been released were the martyr’s son was being retained and assaulted by the police; while he begs to see his father! What a great tribute to receive for an army man! And we still call this democracy? This is worse than dictatorship!

I heard they pay 20 rupees per tweet, but couldn’t believe at first. However, this picture shows it all! Even Subodh Srinivastava’s “husband’s” pension got doubled! Does he know that the LGBT marriages are still illegal in India?!

BJP’s election posters at UP say,”Avengers of Uri”, while the real “avengers” are committing suicide. RIP jawan! The pseudo-nationalists may call you “ill-minded”, but India loves you!

Triple Talaq and Now?

Interesting! Yet another promotion for Baba Ramdev’s ‘putra jeevak’ medicine: Hindu son can divorce wife if she tries to separate him from aged parents:

Women in Nepal.

Can women sue their husbands too for separating her from her aged parents right from the day of the marriage? Oh no, that’s tradition!

“She becomes integral to and part of the family of her husband”- says Justice Dave. Mr.Dave, how much dowry did you take to make your wife “integral” to your family? Oh! that’s tradition too!

“Hindu son’s “pious obligation” is to live with his aged parents and shelter them”_ So what if the couple doesn’t have a son? Well, “your son is your ticket to heaven”(Baudhayana Sutras 2-9-16.3).Die the death you deserve, couples without a son! And that too for the sake of tradition!

This judgement is a sample of social stigmas rooted in patriarchal norms of our “progressive society”; .where the man is endowed with privileges and woman bridled down to having no option. And here I see the degradation of law!  Dear BHARAT MATA, please take the slap!

Dialogues Again…


Exterminating 9000 soldiers from Yahya Khan’s army,

Capturing the whole troop of almost one lakh men,

demolishing every naval and military base including the Karachi port,

An iron lady created the history of pride by forcing Pakistan to bent it’s head and knees in front of her!

Watching the hopeless 56 inch chest, I wish this woman was our Prime Minister!

Mr.Modi, if you’re done with your verbal diarrhea, I’d like to drag your attention to the fact that you were just quoting Manmohan Singh. Nothing more or nothing less!While sermonizing on the human rights violations of Balochistan, didn’t you forget to protect the life and property of your people?


This is the best you’ve ever done Priyesh!

Let The Words Flow Out Of You

​These lustful ghosts turned me into a corpse,

They ate my soul as they punched me from the inside

They dug my heart as they filled the holes,

With every punch my soul bled and cried.

With tears, dark blooded,

Which were suppressed by their rapture.

When I tried to move out from their lust, they scudded.

At last I released myself and let them capture.
They gave me a new life by making me dead,

There is now a soul inside me, so I should be happy or sad?

That soul was too heavy.

So I turned it into one like me

So now it is a corpse too and dead literally.
I never wake up as I never sleep.

I never eat as I never get hungry.

I never love, now I don’t have a heart for it.

All what is left is fear….

Of the ghosts.


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The degradation of Indian Politics!

It’s not about the nudity; or not just the nudity that we consider shameful!

When the elected representatives of a democratic country let a religious preacher rule over them, this is what we consider shameful! 

When a fanatic takes over the chair of a speaker in our country, we consider that shameful!

We are ashamed of those MLAs present in the Legislative Assembly who let him publicly propagate religious control over politics!

Y’all let him preach about female subjugation; while his nudity was perfectly appropriate for the ruling party!

Equal Pay for Equal Work

[This was initially one of my research papers from Government class. Just copied it here!]


The shocking fact is that, being the present day superpower of the world, United States’ women are only being paid 77 cents for every dollar a man earns. Beyond being an insult to the whole womanhood, this is totally a worldwide embarrassment for the country too. Isn’t this an intelligible context of sexual discrimination? Yes, this is a clear-cut attempt to bring all women down from empowering to make them undertake the idea of being homemakers. It’s hardly surprising that United States has never had a female President (which definitely adds insult to the injury)!

Numerous factors contribute to the pay gap in gender wages; which include: occupational ghettoization of women into low paying jobs; lower levels of unionization for women and attitudinal barriers that have kept women from achieving equality in the workplace and undervaluation for women’s work. Though in 1963, President Kennedy drafted this act of unequal pay illegal through The Equal Pay Act, it could only narrow down the gap by just 15 cents. “The motherhood penalty” would be the next reason to rationalize this affair. Conspicuously, becoming a mother would compel women to take up more days off concerning the illness and disabilities for children and other family members. In a recent article from the New York Times, Eduardo Porter states that, “There are policies in place that could help diminish women’s pay deficit by increasing flexibility in the workplace and easing a woman’s family burden.” In other words, women might accept less pay to have a more flexible schedule. The traditional stereotypes and media portrayal also have a significant impact on the pay inequality. Recurrent depiction of women as a dependent and vulnerable being, proves how society as well as women see themselves. Choice of job is another big reason for the wage gap. According to a study done by the American Association of University Women, women only account for 18% of engineering majors; whereas they account for 79% of education majors. Also, there’s a tendency that some women would rather stay away from “dangerous” jobs (Surgeons, Police Inspectors, etc.) that are highly paid. This is fairly changing as young girls are now inspired to take up unconventional positions.

In last year’s presidential election, both candidates addressed the issue of women’s pay equality. The two campaigns presented many diverse views on the subject.  Mitt Romney seemed, for the most part, on the defensive when discussing this topic. Once, he unwittingly stated that he had “binders full of women”, when referring to the fact that he has the resources to hire a countless number of women. At a post-debate rally in Chesapeake, Virginia he claimed that “This president has failed America’s women.” However, my opinion is different.

Recently president Obama stated “I’ve got two daughters, I don’t want them paid less than a man for doing the same job.” His actions during his presidency prove this statement. Particularly in supporting the Lilly Ledbetter Act, a recent attempt to “close the gap between women’s and men’s wages,” that statement was taken from the Act’s website. The Lilly Ledbetter Act is one of the most recent attempts to close the gap, however, it is not the first.

There have been quite a few efforts to close the wage gap over the years. One of the first was the Equal Pay Act of 1963, and according to the Society for Human Resource Management’s website, “The Equal Pay Act requires that men and women be given equal pay for equal work in the same establishment.” Shortly After the Equal Pay Act was passed, the United States government created the U.S. Equal Employment Agency to enforce “…federal laws that make it illegal to discriminate against a job applicant or an employee…” This is according to an article on their website. Earlier I mentioned the Lilly Ledbetter Act which was passed in 2009 and, according to the act’s website, was the first new law of Obama’s presidency. The act was created by Lilly Ledbetter who is very passionate about getting equal pay for woman. All of these actions have contributed to closing the gap between men and women’s wages, but there still is no solution.

On my research, it’s undoubtedly true that I have learned so many stuffs that I didn’t know before. I never would have thought that the media would affect pay equality! Now I know that there are a lot of different opinions on the wage gap, and I have begun to understand why it has been a reality for so long. There is hope for more equality as America continues to search for an answer. One thing is clear though, we are on the road to a solution. I just hope we reach it before I have to start hunting for a job.