The BJP Rivalry

Once again, bjp has proved of going upto any extent to tarnish their opponent. One of their recent attacks on some of the female students of JNU (that I came to know about through one of the news websites) horrified the heaven out of me. The girls were campaigning for AAP’s upcoming election event with Mr.Kejriwal and some other AAP members. The (outrageous) comment ABVP members uttered on some female JNUites, “AAP hired models for their election campaign”, as the girls were wearing jeans.They also made assertions like the students are having “sex drive” and “premenstrual syndrome”. As we all know, the government is accountable of taking action against any kind of misbehaviors towards our women. Ironically, the government itself is being a threat to them! Not only to our women, but to our students and minority groups also.
There’s been a consistent flow of problems since 2014, when BJP became the dominant ruling party of India. The attack on students being the worst among them. Starting from IIT Madras to Jawaharlal Nehru University, Allahabad University is at their targeted list now. The Rohit Vemula case and the sedition charges against JNU students are the ultimate examples. But let’s not get into it for the time being. The discussion point here is how bjp  manipulates women as their “primary material” of opposition.
Shehla Rashid,the vice-president of JNUSU stated that in one of their protests against the government, some RSS members didn’t miss the chance of groping her, as she happened to be at the first row. She also mentioned her annoyance towards the embarrassing comments distributed throughout social media (some of which even questioned her virginity). The next victim of their dirty politics was Soumya Thripatti, a former student of JNU. She was used as a tool to undermine Mr. Kanhaiya Kumar due to his unanticipated rise against the bjp government. Her picture with kanhaiya has been viral in the media these days ( the rumour being, a teacher sitting on kanhaiya’s lap). The innocent lady almost got branded as a slut! Richa Singh, the student union president of Allahabad University is now at the risk of handing controversial topics to bjp. Let’s see what she’ll be tagged in with!
Dear Government, the security and well-being of your citizens are your concern. Don’t anticipate the country should run on BJP members’ words, since you are in power. Now the people know who the real ‘Mahila Virodhi’s are. Don’t you feel ashamed of yelling ‘Bharat MATA Ki Jai’?!



6 thoughts on “The BJP Rivalry

    1. Nobody cares about tarnishing men or awarding them a disgraceful title bro! And if you really have a problem with my writings being biased, just go around and find some topics that I could write about!
      Thanks by the way!


  1. Exactly ! This country is definitely going to dogs.Bjp has made life miserable for students everywhere.There are all kinds of bans.The party choses what we should wear,where we should go,with whom and even what we should eat!.Bharat mata ki jai is another nonsensical idea popularised by BJP.Muslim MLAs get suspended for not saying bharat mata ki jay..who has heard of such stupidity before?Writers are dying,students are dying,..freedom of expression is just a phrase signifying nothing!

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