Are You Pleased In Suppressing Me?


You dominated me, you tortured me, you assulted me, you abused me! Yet, I remained as you expected. Polite, modest and silent. I was taught to do so right? I knew I was being manipulated, but still chose to suffer. You found pleasure in me, while I was denied the consent of screaming. But when I did, I saw you enjoying it. Your feet got cleansed with my tears, while I faced your “Lucifer laugh”. You have seen me in pain, you gave me more of it everytime you saw it. I endured it patiently, although it seemed impossible. You hit me where it hurts the most. You humiliated me until the last cell in my body got offended. You even took my courage to suicide away from me.
The society awarded me a ‘to be exploited’ tag by birth. I’ve always been trained with the “be quiet”, “move on” and “deal with” lessons. World made me curse my femininity. I was  ‘undesirable’ to my family; a ‘disgrace’ to the culture. I wasn’t approved to have anything of my choice, but the grant of extreme tolerance. My womanhood was molested numerous times by mankind.
It’s neither the men nor the  women, it’s the patriarchy! It’s the patriarchy which attacks anything and everything  feminine!



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