Nothing Counts Until You Learn To Respect!

We ought to swallow the fact that rape/ sexual assault is the most underreported crimes worldwide. Before seeking the number of rapes reported, let’s inspect on what the word-perfect meaning of rape is. Certainly, I’m not ignoring men from the category of being victimized. But the concern here is how hard and how often. Apart from the child abuse and domestic violence young boys and some men experience, what trauma do they undergo sexually? Nothing. Absolutely nothing compared to women.
                   No woman exceedes the age of eighteen without encountering some sort of sexual harassment. Some antagonistic minds may argue that it takes two to make a clap. But darling, most of the time it’s the abuser who’s using both the hands. Look how a two years old and six months old got raped. How could they even contribute to the “clap”? Living (I’d rather call it surviving! ) in a country like India is undoubtedly a challenging choice for women. We must learn to deal with the groundless “touch” inside a bus and  the unsolicited looks while passing the streets.There is no surprise if you get catcalled by guys who are much, much younger than you. I wonder what upbringing these boys receive at home. It’s explicitly understandable how women in their families are being treated. I’m confused by the thought of what pleasure these men experience by bullying females.
                              Sadly, most women keep these humiliations underlying, which isn’t that shocking when we consider the differentiated cultural education provided for both girls and boys. Nurture works as a major contributor in looking down at women and treating them as an object of amusement. If even young boys could act as perverts, they’re definitely being uplifted by elders in their families, not excluding women. How tragic! No wonder we find women with such low self-assurance.
                                               Furthermore, it’s not just women, ten out of ten  (100%) transgender guys have reported being subjected to sexual harassment and even gang rapes! So, exterminate the idea that rapes occur due to the “indecent” dressing of women. It’s not about jeans or leggings, not about going out at night, it’s about the mindset some people (men and women) undertake. It’s strange how these men (and a few women) visualize a female; not a spark of decency have crossed them ever! It’s more important to unravel the cause of perverts and pedophiles in a society, than just providing them with some punishment.
                      It’s weird how people try hard to embrace the “rape culture” we’re said to be having in India (terrifying people with rape threats etc.). Rape has become a normalized and convincing “entertainment” within the culture. I fear if later on, (if it’s a woman) the alternative for death penalty would be modified to rape! Look at the history (which gives me nightmares) where women were not just killed but raped first. Not to mention, our history also comprises men like Raja Ram Mohan Roy who detroyed the practice Sati. But sad to say, we still have a long way to go.
                  Recalling the “honorable” CBI officer Renjit Sinha’s statement, “If you can’t control rape, just enjoy it”. Of course sir, it will definitely make your job trouble-free, but never assume all women are duck soups! Believe it or not, India’s “rape culture” has become a hot potato internationally. It hurts when outsiders make a mockery out of it. Women ought to raise their voice against the mistreatments within the family and outside. Get the outrageous acts exposed, make people aware that you’ve had enough and it’s not going to be tolerated anymore!



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