To The Paradise On Earth!

While we take pride on innocent lives,
While we claim it as our “integral part”,
While we shed the streets of it with young blood,
While we cage their dreams with no feeling of guilt,
While we take the pashmina off their women to entertain ourselves,
While they remain prisoners in our ownย  independent homeland,
Once they’ll draw a line between them and us,
Once they’ll make us perceive the truth that they’re no longer ours,
For we don’t value lives, but the so called land of “paradise”,
As we play Holi with the blood of Kashmir,
Those crimson stained hearts won’tย  pardon us;
Those iron-willed youth will betray us,
For they were born into our torturings;
They were born into the bloodsheds and wild cries we offered,
We woke them up at midnight with dreadful bullets and unrestrained screamings;
Kashmir is choking blood,
Once They’ll make us choke our sins out,
They’ll make us swallow the bullets we’ve fired at them,
They’ll make us stand bare and naked,
Now what are we to them?
And what have we become now?


18 thoughts on “To The Paradise On Earth!

  1. Great post.You reminded me of the song ‘kudha se mannat hai meri..lota de kashmir dubara..” in the Malayalam film ‘Keerthichakra’.I used to love that song.It often made me wonder what the plight of the people of Kashmir would be like.You have raised important concerns through your poem.

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      1. You are welcome.Yes..I strongly support.The people of Kashmir have been suffering for so long,our country has done little for them.Similar is the case with the North eastern states.They receive seldom support or help from India

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