The degradation of Indian Politics!

It’s not about the nudity; or not just the nudity that we consider shameful!

When the elected representatives of a democratic country let a religious preacher rule over them, this is what we consider shameful! 

When a fanatic takes over the chair of a speaker in our country, we consider that shameful!

We are ashamed of those MLAs present in the Legislative Assembly who let him publicly propagate religious control over politics!

Y’all let him preach about female subjugation; while his nudity was perfectly appropriate for the ruling party!


54 thoughts on “The degradation of Indian Politics!

    1. We are of course expanding backwards! Thanks to the central government! This is a clear suppression of democracy . Some self-proclaimed nationalists dictating on everything! And if you’re having a difference in opinion, then they’ll call you “anti-national” and yell at you to go to Pakistan! Where is our secularism?! What has happened to the World’s largest democracy?!


      1. I’ll disagree! I haven’t faced any sort of intolerance over the last 70 yrs. Not even at Vajpayee’s rule. I haven’t heard of any gourakshaks over the last 70 yrs…. this is like the government licensing people to suppress the powerless.Not just that, atrocities against women and minorities have increased drastically over the last 2yrs! Of course I can’t explain my thoughts all the way out through this comment, but it’s always easy blaming ‘Nehru’s rule’. I can’t see this as an after effect of the last 70 yrs rule; this is like going all the way back within 2yrs!
        Just look at this post itself, the commitment of these elected representatives are explicitly understandable by watching a religious preacher giving them lectures inside the vidhan sabha!
        And what is he lecturing on? “How husbands should control their wives” I don’t think incredible India needs a debate on this in 2016!

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      2. Temporary phenomena when Narendra Modi got in power dramatically Indian politics took a turn against Indian minorities . Its a reality but the fact that we need to consider Modi doing good for India only a small group creating trouble in India , that fanatic them self called as cow protectors and killing many on this matter.

        Prime Minister must take all the initiative to block those criminals in their act against all religions , ethnic minorities in India .

        Government at center keen to safe guard the country and it’s people interest and also it is a positive signal less corruption in last two years. Comparing last UPA Government it is better but the government to act strong and firm against all mischief who create bad image for a good government .

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      3. I completely agree with you at the corruption part; but bjp cannot really claim themselves as a “scam-free” government, since they too have scams on their list.
        Initiatives must be taken against the culprits, but I personally have some disagreements with some of the statements modi has made about dalits. For example, he said manual scavenging is a “spiritual experience” for dalits; which is just pathetic!
        And yes modi has done good things. But the point we need to understand is that Dr. Singh is so underrated!

        As I hail from the state of Kerala, where bjp has never had a chance to rule; I can experience a lot of purposeful disaprovals between the state and the centre (within the last 2yrs in particular). That the centre constantly trying to defame the state and just isn’t letting things to get approved, which makes me really mad!

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      1. Really?! I adore your writings! No matter how hard I try to write on love or romance, I’ll always be back with my usual political, social, feminist stuffs!
        Romance is your thing I must say! But I’m encouraging you to try something different . And I believe you can be the best in that too πŸ™‚

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  1. India is a Secular Country” , I always heard this… never realized that the meaning we take for secularism is way too different.
    Since when ‘dharm- nirpeksh’ became ‘dharm-samabhav’
    The only way this nation can survive is if it adapts the actual meaning of ‘secularism’.

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      1. Haha because I’m quoting him. The definition of actual secularism should be brought back, if only there was a trustworthy political party common people can rely on…
        Anyways… glad to find your blog, posts like these are quite hard to find with female bloggers.

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  2. You anti national sickular .. if you have any issues with this country go to PakistanπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. How dare you say bad things about gourakshas . Cows are our holy mother, we are researching on who holy Father is. All these missionaries and other minorities are a threat to the development of the nation. I mean the Hindu nation could people eat beef .. cows life matter than human life . Modi has already said shoot me not the dalits. It’s the anti national sickular people who try to create intolerance. Can’t you just tolerate while we hit you abuse you. Accept the pain. India is a Hindu country. Indian culture is Hindu culture. We have always oppressed dalits and women in the name of culture, you never had a problem before what’s your problem now

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      1. Told you human flesh doesn’t matter as much as holy mother’s flesh . We appreciate equality. Men or women all are equal before gourakshas. You strip the skin of our mother you get what you deserve.. No gender bias. Isn’t that wonderfulπŸ˜‚

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  3. Nice post……very difficult to cope up with this subject, here I can’t spell politics properly, and I’m amazed that people like you can almost sink and swim into such difficult topics……very nice….

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      1. Well then you should not have said in the way that way. Well nudity symbolize that the person have left everything and even clothes for enlightenment and I don’t think it’s something on which one should shame. You are a good writer and I guess you know how to use this weapon.


      2. My point of ‘shame’ was solely on the government; the government which chose to have a (wasteful) discussion on female subjugation! Even the article starts by declaring “it’s not about the nudity”. The last few lines were meant to offend the government which was trying to “appropriate” women’s clothing while being absolutely hypocritical on the other hand!
        I apologize for the confusion, and thanks for the compliment!

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  4. The person who you called as a ‘fanatic’ is tarun sagar ji maharaj, a respected jain monk whose pravachan(sermons) guide many people in their lives.

    He has been invited over the vidhan sabha to share his thoughts by people who believe in his views on life and its various problems. They may not be the progressive of opinions but calling out a revered jain monk as a ‘fanatic’ hurts me.

    You have an different opinion, please state it freely but without calling out such names.

    PS: Yes we feel ashamed as a citizen of this developing secular country that we cant argue each other opinions without such name calling.


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