Dialogues Again…


Exterminating 9000 soldiers from Yahya Khan’s army,

Capturing the whole troop of almost one lakh men,

demolishing every naval and military base including the Karachi port,

An iron lady created the history of pride by forcing Pakistan to bent it’s head and knees in front of her!

Watching the hopeless 56 inch chest, I wish this woman was our Prime Minister!

Mr.Modi, if you’re done with your verbal diarrhea, I’d like to drag your attention to the fact that you were just quoting Manmohan Singh. Nothing more or nothing less!While sermonizing on the human rights violations of Balochistan, didn’t you forget to protect the life and property of your people?


2 thoughts on “Dialogues Again…

  1. Why don’t you value the lives of Indian soldiers who are tolerating all the heinous barbarian vandalisms…? Both Modiji and Indiraji are PMs who are supposed to save Indians(the soldiers protect us from the terrorists are also Indians). The cost of our comfort is the life of our brother’s lives. If those dialogues prevent a war… Then let him play the drama to save us from the absolute destruction.


    1. This post was way before the surgical strikes were carried out and I’m proud of our soldiers.
      Pakistan doesn’t deserve our friendship! So, sending birthday wishes to Sharif and presenting Salwar Kameez to wife won’t change anything. Modi might have realized it by now, I hope.

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