Triple Talaq and Now?

Interesting! Yet another promotion for Baba Ramdev’s ‘putra jeevak’ medicine: Hindu son can divorce wife if she tries to separate him from aged parents:

Women in Nepal.

Can women sue their husbands too for separating her from her aged parents right from the day of the marriage? Oh no, that’s tradition!

“She becomes integral to and part of the family of her husband”- says Justice Dave. Mr.Dave, how much dowry did you take to make your wife “integral” to your family? Oh! that’s tradition too!

“Hindu son’s “pious obligation” is to live with his aged parents and shelter them”_ So what if the couple doesn’t have a son? Well, “your son is your ticket to heaven”(Baudhayana Sutras 2-9-16.3).Die the death you deserve, couples without a son! And that too for the sake of tradition!

This judgement is a sample of social stigmas rooted in patriarchal norms of our “progressive society”; .where the man is endowed with privileges and woman bridled down to having no option. And here I see the degradation of law!  Dear BHARAT MATA, please take the slap!


13 thoughts on “Triple Talaq and Now?

  1. This is a sad reality we live in. I don’t even know how we could become mature enough to get out of all this patriarchical trance we locked ourelf in. Yes, most of us are completely against all this, but the majority of the people are not.

    Well written post. 🙂

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