Army Veteran’s Suicide

They fight for us,they protect us,they are the ones who leave everything they own for us, they are our fathers, brothers and sons on boots. Now that we have a voice that’s loud and clear, but what are we without them?

Ram Kishan Grewal, a serviceman committed suicide at the Jantar Mantar yesterday. Grewal on his note claims that he committed suicide as “the government has failed to fulfill our demands related to OROP (One Rank One Pension)”. Grewal had protested and written to the defense minister Manohar Parrikar over the non-implementation of OROP. In return, the defense minister calls him “ill-minded”. How shameless!

Congress Vice-President Rahul Gandhi, Delhi CM Aravind Kejriwal and some other politicians were retained by the Delhi police from visiting him. No media was allowed inside the hospital where he was at. A video’s been released were the martyr’s son was being retained and assaulted by the police; while he begs to see his father! What a great tribute to receive for an army man! And we still call this democracy? This is worse than dictatorship!

I heard they pay 20 rupees per tweet, but couldn’t believe at first. However, this picture shows it all! Even Subodh Srinivastava’s “husband’s” pension got doubled! Does he know that the LGBT marriages are still illegal in India?!

BJP’s election posters at UP say,”Avengers of Uri”, while the real “avengers” are committing suicide. RIP jawan! The pseudo-nationalists may call you “ill-minded”, but India loves you!


10 thoughts on “Army Veteran’s Suicide

  1. I guess it’s a social media package, where X number of robots are bought to auto-tweet. Here’s more (used by Clinton & Trump to sway public opinion):

    And the practice is called ‘astroturfing’. Whatever it is, without this I could easily predict the outcomes of 2013 elections. And this is what perhaps they meant, by saying that democracy is threatened if such practices can’t be stopped by the Govt. Sadly, our Govt is USING it.

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  2. Can I ask something bytheway I dont blv in political debate
    Actually all of my family members are working in Indian army and also my grandpa was retired from Indian army ! According to them one rank one pension already applied and they are getting proper salary 😊
    And that person who did commit suicide was also getting 22000 per month pension and 4k was stuck lack of some document verification . Bank also accept that they gave him notice to submit that document .
    Bytheway sorry I m just trying to clear things which are making messy
    Bytheway keep it up
    Every mystery have another part . 🙏🙏

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    1. Well it was not just him, veterans were on strike for over a month regarding OROP. Even I have my family members in the army; mentioning an ex-service man “ill-minded” is no way justifiable! The govt which preaches on nationalism and Indian army 24/7 couldn’t do anything better for him even after his death? Isn’t this pseudo-nationalism?
      And you don’t have to be sorry 😊 it’s always great having healthy debates!

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      1. Well I respect Indian army !
        Yes that point may be wrong !
        But I will repeat again every mystery have another part ! All politicians are mindless and careless so I never mind what they are saying or what celebrities are saying .
        Thank you 😊

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