Dialogues Again & Again & Again…


When a Government decision is glorified by corporate owners and big business men, but not by the poor farmers , daily wage workers or retailers, that marks it’s failure! Let no people of any other country ever have the misfortune of standing in the Queue to prove his/her nationalism.Of all those people died so far, how many of them had black money, Swiss bank accounts, 500 crore weddings, were named in Panama papers, or had their multi-thousand crore loans written off?

From surgical strikes to currency demonetization, everything is descending from the grace of Narendra Modi. The fact that every such action has been done in the past does not cut any ice with them. Take the case of currency demonetization. High value Indian currency has been demonetized twice before, once in 1947-48 and in 1978. While the former doesn’t count for this purpose, the latter was done with the specific objective of curbing `black’ money; but it failed. Many subsequent attempts to do so through various other means also failed, or had only a passing effect. Why would demonetization succeed now? For the believers the answer is simple: because Modi says so. Unbelievable logic!

One of the messages I received on facebook says, “think beyond your community to support the move and to become a nationalist”.Criticizing Modi for his personality or policies is almost equated to being part of a Pakistan sponsored conspiracy against the nation. Well in my case, my nationalism and commitment to my country had started the day I was born on the land. I didn’t wait till some ‘communal’ leader could come to power and then to turn myself into that ‘ultra nationalist’ who vomits out nationalism everywhere possible for no reason!

The organization which once referred to our national flag as:” three piece of clothes stapled together”, which offended our national anthem and it’s author by saying, “The British stooge Tagore and his anthem”, which proclaimed that “manusmriti is better than Indian Constitution”, is now busy issuing certificates of nationalism among people. They say “Vande Mataram” is our national anthem, “Bharat mata ki jai” is the solution to everything. And if their supreme leader could use his 95yr old mata so cynically for his political gains; he can do the same to ‘bharat mata’ to serve the same ends. “When the going gets tough……the tough calls mommy! Even if mommy is 95 yrs old, has many sons who cd stand in Q instead!” (via fb).


As for me, I’m still waiting for Modi to bring back all the `black’ money parked in Swiss bank accounts and deposit 15 lakhs into my account. I’ll of course pay 33 percent tax on it, for I am honest too, but not brain-washed, or brain-dead. Fortunately!


21 thoughts on “Dialogues Again & Again & Again…

  1. When demonetisation was done in 1978, the percentage of high denomination in liquidity was 1.78%. Therefore much effect could not be observed of that move. In 2016, the percentage is 85% while in a research done, it showed that all the legit econmies have the least percentage of high denomination notes. There might have been some mismanagement on part of the government but bluntly crticisng is also not good. Certainly standing in queue dosent prove your nationalism but what better do you suggest to curb the menace of black money. It is a loop and we have to start from some end.


    1. The percentage of liquid black money in 2016 is just 6% in accordance with my knowledge. And by the recent RBI disclose, the % of black money curbed is just 0.0006%. Do you think it’s worth the 200+ lives lost? Oh! If Jawans are dying at the boarder, why can’t the common man have the same fate standing on a queue right? As Shiv Sena leader said, if standing in the queue proves your nAtionalism, declare those 200+ people as martyrs! Also, bluntly supporting won’t do any good either. Can’t you see that your ‘blunt supporting’ has transformed my factual analysis on this issue as ‘bluntly criticizing’?!

      By the way, didn’t this government declare to bring back all the black money abroad within 100 days in office?!


  2. Even I want to know what’s your friend’s point of disagreement on this. Complete failure! Destroyed economy! Black money deposited in jann dhan accounts. Before this rich business man used steal poor people’s money, now they are using them to save it. 😐

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    1. How true! Thank you Priyesh! Despite knowing the fact that this is a ‘proved to be a failure’ move from the past, this govt still chose to take it on! And I don’t understand for what purpose. Was it to curb black money? Fight terror? Prevent robbery? Make India digital? Empower the poor? Or to help the corporates? Now that the government has announced lottery for paytm transactions🙄

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      1. But there are two things different from previous demonetisation
        1) previously use of 5000 and 10000 rs notes was significantly decreased in the last two years before demonetisation in 1978 which tells that it is obvious that people knew what’s gonna happen next.
        2) secondly, income tax department was not this much active previously. This time they are checking each and every suspected account.

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