The Quit India Movement and RSS Betrayal

Today,August 8, 2017,the 75th anniversary of the Quit India Movement [QIM], also known as ‘August Kranti'(August Revolution). QIM was a nation-wide Civil Disobedience Movement called on August 7, 1942 by the Bombay session of the All-India Congress Committee. It began on August 8, with The famous slogan ‘to Do or Die‘ by Gandhi in his Quit India speech delivered in Mumbai at the Gowalia Tank Maidan.

Modi(The wide chested PM lacking spine), in his speech today criticized the Communist party for opposing QIM, while being aloof towards his own party’s contribution.

It’s ironical that the nationalist gang (RSS) of today not only opposed Quit India Movement but also provided multi-faceted and multi-dimensional support to the British rulers in suppressing this historic mass upsurge. The RSS icon Savarkar (“veer” savarkar ironically), joined hands with the British Betraying the movement. The British swiftly responded with mass detentions. Hundreds of civilians were killed in violence many shot by the British army. Over 100,000 arrests and, mass fines were made. Many national leaders went underground and continued their struggle. 

Historically documented facts make it clear that Hindutva gang led by RSS not only betrayed QIM but also rendered great service to the British masters.Shockingly, this gang is ruling India today describing itself as a symbol of Indian nationalism. Traitors ought to be exposed and charged for crimes !


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2)Cited in A G. Noorani, The RSS and the BJP: A Division of Labour. LeftWord Books, 56–57.

3)Samagra Savarkar Wangmaya, vol. 6, op.cit, 479-480. The Hindu Mahasabha joined a coalition government with the Muslim League in the NWFP also.

4)Cited in V.D. Savarkar, Samagra Savarkar Wangmaya: Hindu Rashtra Darshan, vol. 6, Maharashtra Prantik Hindu Sabha, Poona, 1963, 474.

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22 thoughts on “The Quit India Movement and RSS Betrayal

  1. Sorry I don’t agree with your point !
    Who said to you that savarkar was iconic name of RSS
    Didn’t​ you hear the name of DR.Hedgevar or Madhavrao sadashiv Rao golvarkar ?
    Who started the RSS shakha ?
    I think your study is just based on anyone’s research paper which is totally pointless and baseless .
    Sorry for being rude but this type of article can screw anyone’s mind .

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    1. Savarkar was one of the icons of rss along with hedgevar(founder) and ms golwalker. Since I didn’t want to make the article long, I didn’t add golwalker’s part on QIM, where he didn’t really betray the movement like savarkar, but opposed it and remained aloof!
      I have mentioned my sources below, including the page numbers on the books!You are more than welcome to go check! Books by savarkar and golwalkar are also included. I can even find their quotes opposing QIM!
      Disagreements are fine, but if your political leanings are different, do not claim it as “baseless” or “pointless”!
      If you can, please find me an rss leader who took part in the freedom struggle!

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      1. 😁😁😁 then you are totally unaware about the circumstances .
        If you don’t know savarkar had to spent rest of his life in jail just because he fought against British government.
        RSS was founded just to uplift the Indian culture and shedule casts ,if you have knowledge about Dr hedgevar then you should be aware about whole truth .why people joined RSS if it was corrupt or antinationalist organization.


      2. “Savarkar had to spent his life in jail”- sarcasm??? If not utterly baseless! He did not fight against the British government; he was arrested for being involved in bomb making and supplying pistols in London. He was then deported to Andaman Islands on 50 yrs of prison. He started writing mercy petitions to British barely a month in prison. He also approached congress, Gandhi, sardar Patel and Tilak for his release after writing 9 apology letters to the British government and later got conditionally released! His mercy petitions are available . Please try to read it atleast once.
        “Indian Culture” is daring phase which can have different meanings! Hence, don’t support the rss version of it.
        And why people join rss? Because people like you have half knowledge and fall for their ultra-nationalism!
        Sorry if sounded rude, but just stating the facts and my views on it.
        And if what you claimed were right, why did rss refused to hoist Indian flag? Why did they insult national anthem and Tagore? Why did they oppose reservation? Why did they even oppose the Indian constitution and its author Ambedkar?! And you want me to call them nationalists?! Chanting bharat mata ki jai 24/7 never make you a nationalist!

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      3. There are two types of people in India –
        1- Nationalist
        2- Antinationalist
        Every single person thinks he is only nationlist on Earth and rest all are Antinationalist .I think you read the anti RSS chapters and I read the anti Congress chapters .
        If you talk about national flag then I would love to tell you that I did schooling from the school which was affiliated with RSS and I never noticed such kind of thing .yes they people use safron as their organizational flag then what is problem with it whether maratha Kings used to carry safron flags even in war of Mahabharata Arjun did so .
        If you really offend with safron color then you should offend with the flag of momdens too cz they use green flag during their religious activities.
        I think I should cut the crap , hope we should stop this debate .


      4. I’m not a selective reader; like if I read Nehru’s “The discovery of India” I’ll also read LK Advani’s “My country my life”, kinda like to get both perspectives.

        You totally got me wrong at this part. I wasn’t referring to their affiliation with saffron flag and why should I have a problem with that?! RSs has made statements about our national flag like “three piece of clothes stapled together”. Also, they refused to accept and never hoisted the national flag for 52yrs of independence!
        And I think we shouldn’t stop! I have always been a fan of healthy debates 🙂

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      5. There are serveral number of books which talks about the bad deeds of Mahatma Gandhi and nehru g but it doesn’t mean Mahatma Gandhi should be judged by a single book or a research paper .
        They proved himself by their deeds .


      6. I was talking about books written by Savarkar and golwalkar; not the ones on them. Even you can’t completely disregard those books on Gandhi and Nehru as well.

        By the way, I’d suggest you reading “purification of aryan race” section from MS Golwalkar’s book We and our Nationhood defined. And tell me if you still agree to their ideologies and their”purified” version of Indian culture.


  2. got the point you wanted to convey.. but I would request you to be much more vigilant.. and don’t just carried away.. be calm express in a convincing tone… (really happy to see a person with similar thoughts… all the best) jai hind!

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  3. thanks mam. next week I’m gonna deliver a a speech at uni on (India after 70 years), will definitely put some of information which you have given… actually deputy CM is coming to attend the function and unfortunately he is from Beef jantha potty.. hahaha….

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  4. You shall critisize policies or ideologies ,but calling a person spineless is sortof f..d up .Its important to know historical events as he said, mixing it with the present issues is not a progressive approach


    1. Sir,
      This article was a response to modi’s speech in parliament regarding to 2017 Quit India Movement anniversary. I suppose you haven’t listened to it. Even though not a fan of communist party, I was forced to call modi spineless when he criticized communist party for not taking part in QIM, totally ignoring RSS’ s betrayal towards it. If he was such a charismatic leader as he claims himself to be, he should’ve apologized for his party’s role before criticizing others.

      P.S- Sorry for the late reply, was busy with finals.


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