Random Indian girl from the beautiful state of Kerala(too much pride!!)!Lives in  United States… Enjoys reading and some occasional writing… Centre-leftist, Proud feminist( some people might raise eyebrows)…Expect Politics and current affairs…love debates and disagreements strangely..!!


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  1. I’ve heard this line before “I’m a woman with opinion; an opinion on everything!” I think it was Priyanka Chopra in an interview somewhere 🙂
    Tho’ politics isn’t my strong suit, does’t stop from reading what you have to say…will read through your posts.
    Good to meet you here Ms. Cherian 🙂
    – Savio

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    1. I never knew it was her statement, but yeah the line is not unfamiliar. Even the newly released book of Chetan Bhagat, ‘The One Indian Girl’ has this statement.
      Thank you for visiting my blog and I’ll have a glance at yours too 😊


    1. Really! Who’s that author?!
      Well my description arises from “Kerala is so beautiful” -the usual comment I get from my North Indian friends every time I tell them that I’m from Kerala. I suggest you to go visit Kerala and then decide yourself! 😊
      And I severely miss the moderate climate Kerala has , can’t handle the frequent weather changes here in US.😶

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      1. You’re getting the extremes weather wise? Are you in the “some like it hot” camp, or cold?

        The writer is Ravi Zacharias, who grew up in New Delhi, though his father was from Kerala. I’ve read about eight of their books, don’t be too impressed, 😛 his “great conversations” series are small books and very readable. I’d recommend The Lotus and the Cross from them.

        We get to read the opening on Amazon, and I challenge anyone to read the heartbreaking story of Priya and not buy the book. After reading about her I had to finish her story.


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